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All manufactured by us scales are certified with


Technical and counting electronic scales VEDIA

FRH_tnTechnical and counting scales suitable for use in various industries, weighing gems, precios metals, drugs, medicines, laboratry use and etc. The series includes wide range of scales with maximum capacity from 100g to 30kg and divisions from 0.01g to 1g.


  • Precise laboratory weighiing;
  • Weighing of silver, gold and other precious metals;
  • Medical issues - weighing of drugs, medicines and etc.;
  • Weighing of letters and parcels;
  • Piece counting;
  • Herb and food weighing;
  • Crafts and hobbies applications;



Max. capacity (g)


Platform size

Counting functions
FEM 100
100 g 0.01 g
75 mm x 65 mm yes
FEM 150
150 g
0.05 g
75 mm x 65 mm yes
FEM 500
500 g
0.1 g
75 mm x 65 mm yes
1000 g
0.01 g
Ф=115 mm
6000 g
0.1 g
170 mm x 180 mm yes
15000 g
1 g
230 mm x 300 mm yes
30000 g
1 g
230 mm x 300 mm yes

FEM2_tnFEM series technical scaleFEM_tnFEM series technical scaleFRH2_tnFR-H series technical scaleFRH_tnFR-H series technical scalecounting2_tnJSC-TAC series counting scalecounting_tnJSC-TAC series counting scale